Minifig Den Gallery -> Star Wars Desert Diorama (2016)

I upgraded my previous incarnation of the Mos Eisley Cantina to include Jabba's Palace. It is a mix up between Episodes IV, VI and VII with some notable scenes depicted.

This MOC measures over 100 studs wide, and includes:

  • Jabba's court with Boushh offering Chewbacca
  • EV-9D9 'interviewing' R2D2 while a Gonk Power Droid is 'pacified'
  • Luke evading the Rancor
  • Tusken raiders hiding in an outcrop
  • Luke and Obi-Wan entering the Mos Eisley Cantina
  • Jawas 'inspecting' Luke's speeder
  • Six Bith Musicians
    Unkar Plutt's Workshop
  • Nearby Sandtroopers
  • One of every type of Lego Moisture Vaporator
  • Various Aliens/Characters from a variety of sci-fi franchises - see how many you can spot!